Better public health through cities’ air and water monitoring – with the help of sensors and Internet of Things-technology. That is what LoV-IoT is about.

If you and I would be able to see the airs’ pollution levels in our city at any given time, what would that mean for our own activities and travels? Or if the city’s water treatment plants can be alerted to polluted storm water as it floods through the systems – what would that mean for their possibilities to contain the spread of pollution. In order to answer those questions we need sensors that are simple, numerous, cheap and easy to install.

Something that LoV-IoT will supply. Are you a city or organisation fighting air- and water pollution? Become a LoV-IoT Smart City follower, APPLY HERE or book a meeting.

loV-IoT is one of thirteen IoT projects in Sweden within the strategic innovation program IoT Sweden. Our mission is to be part of the national goal Being best at using digitalisation in society.



LoV-IoT on tour – Collaboration on global issues for impact

LoV-IoT on tour – Signing Letter of Commitment

LoV-IoT on tour – meeting with Dr. Mario Molina

LoV-IoT on tour – meeting with Oscar Stenström



Här är nyheten om resan till Chile.

Svensk IoT-lösning sprids till Chile (SWE)

En delegation från Sverige åker till Santiago Chile för samverkan och kunskapsutbyte om miljöövervakning med IoT.

MAY 2018

Nätverksdag Offentliga Rummet 23 maj (SWE)

Under programpunkten “Internet of things som motor för den smartare välfärden”, får besökarna möjlighet att bygga sina egna sensorer att ta med hem till sin hemkommun.

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APRIL 2018
Vetenskapsfestivalen 21 april kl 10-15 (SWE)

Varför delta på workshop? (SWE)

Vad kommer vi att mäta? (SWE)

Vad är en sensor? (SWE)

  • LoV-IoT håller i en workshop på Lindholmen under Vetenskapsfestivalen i Göteborg.


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